20,000 Ramadan Iftari’s 20,000 Ramadan Iftari’s

Wiladat of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS) - PK

Wiladat of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS) - PK

On 04/20/21 (8th of Ramadan) and to honor the Holy Birthday/Wiladat of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS), FZHH volunteers shared a Blessed Iftar with our beloved Orphans in Pakistan.

The items on the menu included: Chicken Pulao with Kababs, Raita, Salad, Juices, Kheer (Rice Pudding), Dates and the Blessed Cake.

After the Blessed Iftar, our Orphans enjoyed cutting and eating of the Blessed Birthday Cake of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS).

Thank you to all whom supported and volunteered.

Please partake in the immense blessings by supporting here.

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