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Eid Gifts Distribution to Orphans Honoring Imam Ali (AS) – PK

Eid Gifts Distribution to Orphans Honoring Imam Ali (AS) – PK

???MashaAllah! Eid Gifts distributed to 5 orphanage among 240 kids, on the day (21 ramadan) of father of orphans, Imam Ali (AS)???

The Gifts contain –

1)- Sports Toys:
Badminton Rackets and Shuttle Cocks.,
Magnetic Chess,
Cricket Bats with Cricket Balls and Wickets,
Carrum Boards,
Kids Magnetic Dart board,
Soccer Balls.

2)- Goodie Bags:
Each bag contains Eid Card, Sweets and Snacks.

3)- Girls Gift Boxes:
Each box contains Bangles, Broach, Fancy Hair Clips, and Henna Cones.

4)- Stationary:
a)- Fancy Magnetic Geometry boxes with Small Calculators and LED lights. Each Geometry box contains Lead Pencils, Erasers, Black and Blue Pointers.
b)- Mathematical Geometry Boxes with Black and Blue Ball Points and Pointers.

5)- Shoes:
Summer Shoes (Sandals) were distributed among boys.

Thank you to all whom supported and volunteered.

Please partake in the immense blessings by supporting here.

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