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Washrooms Renovation at Orphanage - Pakistan, 2020 12/21

Washrooms Renovation at Orphanage - Pakistan, 2020 12/21

Pakistan – Orphanage Repairs Project

On 12/21/20, with your generous donations, FZHH volunteers are heading washroom repairs at yet another Orphanage in need.

New plumbing and tile work was performed at this Orphanage.

Thank you to all whom supported and volunteered.

Please continue to support. Every little bit helps.

Project Updates

Update 1 – Removed old plumbing

Update 2 – Added new plumbing and patched walls

Update 3 – Removal of old flushes and installation of new flushes

Update 4 – Started installation of new tiles in 2 bathrooms

Update 5 – Completed tile installation in 2 bathrooms & prepared remaining 2 bathrooms

Update 6 – Completed all tile work. Completion of paint in bathrooms will follow with installation of new taps.

Update 7 – Completed paint in the bathrooms

Update 8 – Completed water routing and installation of new taps.

Alhamdulillah wa Shukranlillah Project is now marked as completed.

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