20,000 Ramadan Iftari’s 20,000 Ramadan Iftari’s


Donation Type:
$15 Fitr Zakat CAD
$20 CAD
$250 CAD
$500 CAD
$1000 CAD

Fulfilling your Zakat is an act of faith that purifies wealth while also serving humanity. Your payment offers recipients much-needed help, hope and a chance to improve their lives; from providing orphaned children access to education or supporting family members overwhelmed with bills - you can make a difference!

Zakat, Zakah, Zekat (زكاة) = "that which purifies"
Zakat al-mal (زكاة المال) = "zakat on wealth"

This annual payment is compulsory and is equal to 2.5% (or 1/40) of one's wealth above a minimum amount known as 
nisab (78.98 CAD/g x 87.48 g / nisab = 6909.17 CAD as of April 2022). The collected funds will be paid to specific recipients of the Muslim community in accordance to zakat principles.