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Build A Well

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Over 1000+ wells have been installed!  You can either donate to install well or send 29 USD to go towards repair work.

Water is essential to life, yet millions of people live without it. Having access to safe water is a fundamental human right; fulfilling that right can be in your hands. Communities around the world are in urgent need of safe drinking water. With better water comes sanitation & hygiene.

With thousands of people dying from water-driven illnesses alone each year, unsafe water is the single biggest obstacle to the health of communities in the developing world. Today, our youth are especially vulnerable to cholera and diarrheal illnesses, and unsafe water can compromise their immune systems.

The gift of water saves lives. Donate today to sponsor a well. Imagine – every single time someone drinks from the clean water well you donated, it's saving someone’s life and health, helping one person is as close as if you have saved all of humanity!

“And whoever saves one [a life] – it is as if he had saved all of mankind." (Qur’an, 5:32)

Communities who don’t have access to clean water face unimaginable hardships, with women and children walking for hours to collect even a little Gift of water, and families unable to support themselves due to lack of education and livelihood.

Not all of us are able to build wells for entire communities – but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the rewards! Reward is based on the sincerity of our intention, and even giving a single glass of water carries immense rewards if it’s all you can give.